Saturday, January 28, 2012

Threefold Flame of the Heart

The infusion of light that transformed Mikao Usui in the late 1800's was the Cobalt blue light of Reiki.  This blue light was the great blue flame of spiritual power and the first download of  light necessary for the awakening of humankind into their true identity of pure Christ love synonymous with "buddha nature" or "unconditional love".  

In some of the esoteric teaching on the threefold flame of the heart, you learn that there are three flames of light in the heart: power, wisdom, and love.  The blue flame of Reiki empowers one to follow one's pure knowing and align with the highest good for all. 

The second download of light representing the wisdom flame of the heart came to the planet in 1989.  In the courtyard of the Jeevashram school in Southern India,  a golden ball of light descended upon and enveloped a child named Krishnaji.  This child immediately experienced an enlightened state and furthermore, every child he touched entered this enlightened state!  These children, now adults, are the monks that teach at the Oneness University that is known all over the globe as the origin of the Oneness blessing, formerly known as "deeksha". The Jeevashram school had been founded by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan in 1984, and their intention was to educate children in the complete absence of fear and comparison so that they could realize their true essence.  When this Golden ball of light entered the children, they began to perform amazing feats of healing and began speaking profound words of wisdom just like the sages of old. The chant that arose from the children was the same chant that Sri Bhagavan had chanted in his childhood... the now well known Moola Mantra. 

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