Monday, May 2, 2016

The Magic of Reiki

How does long-distance Reiki work?

Reiki is pure non-dual energy.  This means it is not separate from you.  It is pure, whole, and of benefit in all situations.  Anyone that has ever received a Reiki session can attest to this.    

In sending Reiki to someone "at a distance" we use an ancient symbol called HonShZaShoNen.  It literally means:
"I bestow Truth upon you."   We are truly all connected.  We are ONE.  When people have this experience of "being One", we call that an "enlightenment" experience.  It is simply seeing the way things really are and have always been!

Reiki is a beautiful non-dual healing modality... it acknowledges that there is only ONE HEART.  In giving someone Reiki, we offer the energy of awakening to the Truth that they are Whole, Pure, and Goodness itself.  Therefore, this energy has a transforming and life-changing effect on the receiver.   

In Jesus' time, this kind of healing was called "laying on of hands".  It is unlike other "touch" modalities in that, to be a Reiki practitioner, one must be initiated into the Reiki lineage of enlightened masters.  Mikao Usui, a simple Japanese monk re-discovered this ancient art in the late 1800's.  He sought for most of his adult life to find out how the great masters could heal people.  It was in his own experience of enlightenment that the answers were given to him.  When he came down from his mountain-top satori, he was able to heal others with Reiki.  And since then, Reiki has travelled the globe and brought millions of people back into harmony.

It really matters not whether someone is suffering from a physical illness, mental imbalance, or emotional issues because the Reiki energy brings all the bodies into balance.  The human energy body is always rebalancing itself.  Reiki supplies the pure space of love and simply allows the bodies to come back into true balance.  

Reiki is completely in alignment with Divine Will... it flows with Great Mystery... it is the Tao itself.  It can never cause harm.   And so, it can be given at any time, any place for the greatest benefit.   

If you or someone you love is in need of healing, please consider giving this gift of healing.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how effective and comforting Reiki is.