Saturday, July 7, 2018

Reiki: A Path to Enlightenment

Summit Mt.Kurama
It was because of one Japanese man's urgent quest to discover how Jesus could lay on hands and heal people that "Reiki" was discovered.  

This man, Mikao Usui, would let nothing stop him in his pursuit to find the Truth about healing.  He searched for years, in Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist sacred texts.  But it wasn't until he had given up looking for the answer in books that he received inner guidance to make a pilgrimage to the summit of Mt.Kurama, fasting only on water.  Finally, after 28 days, sitting at the summit, his search bore fruit.  There his quest ended in his own 'enlightenment', and as a result, he found that he could heal others by laying hands on them.

Over 20 years ago, when I first learned Reiki, it was being taught as a path to healing the body, but as time went on, it became clear that the "healing" came from a leap in consciousness, and that the real healing was the realization of Truth.  

The Usui Reiki way of natural healing is like no other modality.   The classes are not so much interested in techniques, but rather are loose guidelines for the best placement of hands on the body, learning the sacred breath work and the Reiki principles.   The real core of the transmission of Reiki lies in the attunement process.  There are 3 levels of attunements.   Level 1 initiates the student to be able to flow the Reiki energy for physical healing via the opening of the top four chakras.  Level 2 initiates the student in the use of three Reiki symbols; for physical, emotional-mental, and long-distance healing. This second attunement results in a Reiki flow that is 4 times stronger than before, with a marked increase in the Kundalini energy.  Finally, Level 3 initiates the student with the last Reiki symbol.  This opens her to enlightenment and the empowerment of others.   

So many years ago, when Buddha searched and searched for enlightenment, he did everything he could, adopted every practice he could find.  Finally after years of struggle and finally getting sick, tired, and too weak to continue, he stopped searching. He sat down under the Bodhi tree and vowed not to get up until he had found the Truth.   After a reputed 49 days of meditation he is said to have attained enlightenment and became known as the "Awakened One".

This is, in essence, what happened to Mikao Usui.   His earnestness to discover the truth about healing guided him, until finally, completely surrendered and meditating at the summit of Mt. Kurama,  he realized the Truth.

Birthplace of Reiki,  Summit of Mt.Kurama

As a Reiki Master-Teacher, initiated on the big island of Hawaii 23 years ago, I can attest that the Reiki path IS indeed a path to enlightenment. On the Reiki path, you discover that you ARE Reiki... it is not separate from you!!
 That's why I urge all my students to take all levels of Reiki and complete all three initiations, thereby receiving all eleven attunements.  I feel it is so important to receive ALL that Mikao Usui received on Mt.Kurama.   In this way, you give yourself the best opportunity to realize the full TRUTH of your being!