Thursday, April 14, 2016

Reiki: The Space to Be

This morning I was cracking open some filberts for my squirrels and hit my left thumb in the process.  WOW.
A sudden and intense sensation arose.... ouch!
And automatically I held my left thumb in my right palm, "giving Reiki" to the pain.  
Then suddenly, there was intense heat, not only in that thumb, but through my entire body.  Next a very strong wave of nausea came...  and in fact sent me running into the bathroom, just in case.  But then that sensation of nausea lightened up and passed.   The heat continued and I walked outside into the cool morning air.  I squatted down on the grass, looking at all the beautiful clover.  The heat was cooling down. Then suddenly I "saw" how the Reiki works.  
As I continued giving Reiki, I saw that what the Reiki does is give space.  It surrounds and fills the injury/pain with pure space.  It is the space of love.  
The 'injury-pain' is simply a sensation,  and by giving it Reiki,  it is filled with the space to be. And because it is allowed to be as it is, it then gently flows out and dissolves into the space which it is.  Reiki is the space which allows all to be.
And I AM the space which allows all to be...


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